Since I already mentioned RoundBoy in a previous post, I believe formal introductions are in order.

Everyone, meet my 6-year old son, RoundBoy:


He was a whopping 4.05 kg (9.92 lbs) when he was born and had been round and chubby as a baby, so I’ve always called him RoundBoy. He has retained some of his roundness (especially on his cheeks) through the years, so everyone fondly calls him RoundBoy until now.

This photo was taken in June 2005. He’s no longer as chubby as he was back then but his cheeks are still as round.

I’ve always loved this photo because, to me, it shows his sweet, affectionate and loving nature, perhaps more appropriately expressed as malambing in Tagalog (Filipino), manja in Malay, cariñoso in Spanish.

His trademark show of affection for me: 3 kisses — one on the right cheek, one on the left cheek and one on the forehead, in that order.

I love my RoundBoy 🙂

P.S. I also have a 9-year old son, an 8-year old daughter and 2-year old twin boys. But since this post is about RoundBoy, I’ll formally introduce them to you in later posts.

No, I do NOT have writer’s block.

It’s just that I get the best ideas when there’s no way for me to write, which just happens to be the twins’ bedtime.

As the three of us lie down together in the cool semi-darkness of my bedroom, the twins’ warm little bodies cuddled closely to me (one twin on each side!), their chubby right hands clutching their bottles, their equally chubby left hands holding on to my hands and fingers, as their suckling slows down and their breathing deepens, that’s the exact magic moment when all the cares and worries of the world slowly slip away from my mind and my whole being. And once I reach that state of utter calm and relaxation, that’s when my mind shifts into hyper-drive and churns up the most sentimental heart-warming stories about pregnancy and motherhood and raising children. That’s the time when the most mundane details about living in KL magically transform into witty little anecdotes that are begging to be put into print. It’s at that point in time when I get the deepest, most philosophical thoughts about life, the universe and everything.

But, as you have obviously figured out by now, that’s also the time when I’m totally immobilised due to the presence of 2 human pillows on either side of me, when I can’t even use my Dopod, as the Dopod’s backlight and the telltale tic-tac sound of the QWERTY keyboard as I thumb-type might wake them up and transform them from sound-asleep-little-angels to bed-jumping-we-refuse-to-sleep-til-midnight-little-terrors.

Oh, and one last little detail: I also tend to fall asleep before they do with them.

So, like I said, I do NOT have writer’s block.

But then again, maybe I’m just in denial…

I got my Dopod 838 Pro back last Saturday and I’m so relieved. I sent it for repair when its LCD gave up on me, after a more than a year of heavy usage.

I’ve been using it for practically everything so I wasn’t surprised when the touchscreen LCD conked out so soon. I use it for sending/checking email on the go, checking out important info from the internet in the car en route to meetings, text messaging, listening to music, taking photos of competitors’ products in the supermarket, taking videos of the kids, playing Bejeweled and Crazy Daisy when waiting in a queue, setting up reminders for prayer times, keeping short notes and even recipes, setting reminders for appointments and to-do’s (it’s the only way I keep track of everything), as a calculator, for making shopping lists, etc. You’re getting the idea…

We have quite a strange love/hate relationship – my Dopod and I:

  • I love its QWERTY keyboard so much because I can thumb-type email/text messages to my heart’s content. But the slide-out keyboard makes my Dopod the size of a brick and I hate having to lug around a brick everywhere.
  • I love the fact that it’s got tonnes of features but I hate how sluggish the system gets when I run certain programs, like Acrobat Reader.
  • I love having a 3G camera phone but hate not having the chance to use it to make video calls, as I only know 2 other persons with 3G camera phones. They’re both suppliers so when I do want to call them, it’s usually when I’m in the office and, surprise, surprise, there’s no 3G coverage in the office! (Note: I’ve been bugging my husband to get a 3G camera phone but he refuses. But that will have to be in another post.)
  • I love, love, love that it’s got both Bluetooth and WiFi, something that very few PDA phones can boast of. But I hate, hate, hate its super-duper-mega-ultra** pathetic battery life (**something that my 2nd son, RoundBoy, uses when no other superlative will do), especially when WiFi is enabled.
  • I love being able to install a plethora of 3rd party apps (with the memory in my microSD card being the only limitation) but I can’t understand for the life of me why I have to manually close the programs in such a long-winded way: I’ve got to click on Start|Settings|Memory|Running Programs|Close All. Seriously! So what if I don’t bother closing the programs periodically? The whole thing slows down. Or worse still, it hangs. And once it’s frozen, there is no other option left but to remove the battery as the darn thing does not have a restart button.

Despite its flaws, it does what it’s supposed to do and it has proven to be very handy in the past. It’s big and bulky but I guess it’s a fair trade-off for being so jam-packed with features. I just wish there’s something I can do about the OS…