There’s a story behind every unforgettable pic. And for these pics, the story is short and sweet: we were at the beach on our first day in Phuket, the children were playing with sand, Lola and I were enjoying the water, and the sun was starting its descent into the horizon. I realised that I had only minutes to spare before that huge crimson ball would completely disappear, so I quickly ran back into our hotel room — dripping clothes, sandy feet and all — and grabbed my Nikon D40. I remember saying to myself – ‘the hardwood floor can be cleaned up later but the sun waits for no one‘. Then I ran to the small bridge connecting our hotel to the beach and took 6 shots of the setting sun.

Three of those shots were so badly blurred (from my shaking hand and my pounding heart!) that I deleted them immediately from my camera. One was a bit blurred but should still come out okay for a 4R print. But the other two shots — absolutely magnificent additions to my collection of sunset pics — are simply too beautiful not to share!

Focal Length 62mm, F/5.3
1/1600 sec, ISO-400
Aperture Priority
08/03/2008 19:48

Focal Length 135mm, F/5.6
1/2000 sec, ISO-400
Aperture Priority
08/03/2008 19:49

Kamala Beach is said to be one of the best places to savour the sunset in Phuket. To that, I totally agree and these photos are proof of that!

We went island-hopping in Phuket today from 11 am to 8 pm.

The post on the boat ride can wait but this photo just can’t…

The lighting was tricky, the boat was rocking, the sun was going down fast. I’m still an amateur who can’t get the perfect settings for Manual mode the first time, so I had to choose between getting the shot and getting the perfect settings. And so I took the shot and had to rely on Photoshop Elements to get the perfect settings, to make the photo look exactly the way I saw it today — shafts of golden sunlight streaming through clouds heavy with rain, shafts of light coming from the heavens.

Like I said in a previous post, I almost never Photoshop my photos. This is one of the exceptions that made it almost never instead of never

I was looking at the various sunset shots from my previous post and thought to myself how the PD sunset photo looked a bit too blue. All other pics looked nice and red and orangey. You know…really ‘sunset-y’.

So I decided to tweak the PD pic a bit during lunch break using Photoshop Elements (which came preloaded with my Sony VAIO) and see what I could do with it.

Here’s the original photo:

And here’s the same photo after Photoshop:

I’d have to confess that I was very tempted to change the photo in my previous post, but then again, that wouldn’t be keeping it real. Oh well… 😉