I am writing this post on WordPress for Android on board my connecting flight to Geneva from one of my favourite airports in the world — Schiphol in Amsterdam.

Upon arrival in Schiphol, airport signage already warned me of a 24-minute walk from the arrival gate of our flight from KL to the departure gate of my connecting flight so I literally made a run for it this morning. It was a mad sprint for me, considering that my flight from KL landed at 6.10am (15 minutes behind schedule) and that my connecting flight’s boarding time was scheduled at 6.30am and the fact that all transit passengers to other Schengen countries have to go through Passport Control first, a process that included a 3-minute body scan followed by a patdown (if you’re unlucky).

The KLM aircraft from KL was a Boeing 747-200 (actually a downgrade from the usual 747-400 due to some technical problems) but the connecting flight to Geneva is on a smaller aircraft nicknamed “Cityhopper” similar to this one:


While waiting for our flight to be given clearance for takeoff, I amused myself by watching the luggage handlers load the bags into the cargo hold. I even managed to catch a glimpse of one of these guys having a quick breather — i.e. lie down inside the cargo hold (!) — while waiting for his colleagues to arrive.

Bang! Slam! Push! Toss! After observing how luggage handlers manhandle all those bags, I now strongly advise you to invest in the sturdiest bag that your budget can afford…and to wrap your expensive bags with shrinkwrap at the airport prior to departure!