HTC Desire


My 20th-June deadline is looming and the past few days have been hectic like nobody’s business. So in lieu of a long, wordy review, here’s a quick mano-a-mano comparison on the key features of HTC Desire vis-a-vis those of the iPhone 3Gs:-

Features HTC Desire iPhone 3Gs
CameraYes, 5-megapixelYes, 3-megapixel
Ability to shoot videos?YesYes
Built-in video editing softwareNoYes
Built-in sharing from Photos app
Yes, to Flickr, Facebook or TwitterNo
Live wallpapersYesNo
GMail integrationYes, built-in programYes, can easily be set-up in Mail
Native syncWindows; needs 3rd party app to sync to MacMac but can sync with Windows via iTunes
Auto text predictionYes, very intuitive no matter what language you useYes, but sorely lacking once you type in shortened forms or in different languages
AppsYes, but limited.Yes, there’s an app for everything!
Free appsYes, download & install using Market program. No need for registration.Yes, download & install thru iTunes/App Store. Must have Apple account (free registration).
Built-in music programYes, but suckyYes, still the industry benchmark
SpeakerphoneYes, but tinnyYes, and sounds much better than the HTC Desire
Built-in Facebook appYesNo, but can download from App Store
Built-in Twitter clientYes, Peep. Can easily attach photo, links, or GPS location.No
Removable batteryYesNo
External memoryYes, microSDNo
PasswordYes, pattern or textYes, numerical PIN
Text MessagingYes, chat formatYes, chat format
Built-in document viewerYes, QuickofficeNo, but can download from App Store
*Update 30-June-10* BluetoothYes, send/receive mp3s, photos & other files with easeGOOD LUCK! *sarcasm* Can’t even pair iPad with iPhone! 😛
Operating SystemAndroid™ OS, v2.1 (Eclair)iOS 3.1.3 (build 7E18)
RAM512 MB256 MB
Processor1 GB600 Mhz
Retail price in Malaysia (phone only)RM2,199From RM1,990 (8MB)

After an objective assessment of the features and after having used the HTC Desire for almost two weeks now, I can look you in the eye and tell you that I’d pick the HTC Desire over the iPhone 3Gs anytime. And not just because I got to play with it for free 😉

My next post about the HTC Desire: How Do I Love Thee? Let Me Count The Ways… Watch for it!

I’m talking about you, HTC Desire. Yes, you, with that dazzling AMOLED screen of yours disguised as a fingerprint magnet. Ever since you came into my life, you’ve completely taken over my thoughts, my dreams, my waking hours, my spare time. Heck! You even got me stroking you in the middle of meetings.

HTC Desire & its dazzling AMOLED screen

Oh how I hate you, Desire. I hate how you’ve possessed me, despite knowing that you’ll only be in my life for two short weeks. Yes, HATE. It’s a strong word, I know, but there’s just no other way to explain how I feel about these ten idiosyncracies of yours:-

1. Out Of Sync. You. CANNOT. Sync. To. My. MacBook. Pro. Unbelievable! I mean, come on! You’re no Windoze device. You’re an Android! How could you possibly give Mac users this ultimate snobbery?! Good grief! Good thing fellow geeks out there have worked out some kind of workaround for people like me: they advised that I export my Address Book contacts into my GMail account, then sync it with your People program. (Why’d you have to call it ‘People’ anyway? What’s wrong with ‘Contacts’? :P) That saved me hundreds of hours of inputting my contacts again into your memory. Now if only I can get iCal to export properly (I still keep getting that annoying ‘Failed to import events: Unable to process your iCal/CSV file..’ message)… But the point of the matter is — this is not syncing per se; it’s just a geeky workaround. Can somebody at HTC do something about this very important issue pronto? Because of this little glitch, I totally forgot about an important meeting last week just because I had it in my laptop but not in that beautiful memory of yours.

[Update: 15-June-2010 15:19 hrs: There’s a software called Missing Sync for syncing an Android with a Mac. If I get to keep the HTC Desire after this 2-week assignment, I’ll buy it! In the meantime, I’m downloading a trial version here.]

2. Low Battery Life. What was I thinking? With your dazzling screen, your amusing animations, and all the clever things that you can do, of course something’s got to give at some point. And that’s your battery. *Sigh* It doesn’t even last a day. Good thing I can charge you via USB. And miracle of miracles, I can use the Nokia N97 Mini’s charger on you! It’s about time these darn mobile phone manufacturers decide on a common charger. But that’s another story altogether.

3. Music To My Ears…NOT! The sound from your built-in speakers is so tinny, it gives me an earache in less time than it takes for someone to pronounce supercallifragilisticexpealidocious. And those earphones that came with you in that beautiful white box of yours? They’re a joke. The sound quality is awful and they don’t work properly as the antenna for your FM Radio program to work as it should.

4. No Video Calls. Desire, Desire, oh my dear Desire…with those looks of yours, why didn’t your creators equip you with a secondary camera so that I can make video calls with you? I mean, video calls aren’t exactly cutting edge technology — Nokia’s been producing mobile phones that are suitably equipped for video calls for the past couple of years now. I travel a lot and I go home quite late on evenings so those short video calls to my children mean a lot to me — they help me keep my precarious career/motherhood balance. And I can’t make any such calls with you! Tsk! Tsk! Tsk! (Or as Upin and Ipin would say, ‘Ish! Ish! Ish!’)

5. Limited Apps. In this digital day and age, it’s the tiniest details that matter, Desire honey. When I browse your market, I see an impressive enough amount of apps (including awesome free stuff like games for my twins) but the selection’s not quite as extensive as those of Apple’s App Store. It’s all about choices, my dear. People. Want. Choices. You also get to make a lot of money that way, i.e. by making people feel they have a false sense of control over what goes into their smartphones.

6. SD = So Difficult. Sure, you’re sleek and slim. But why do you have to hide your microSD card inside the back cover AND require me to remove the battery first before I can access it? Please take some pointers from my oldie but goldie Nokia N82, whose microSD card can be removed easily from a tiny slot on its side. *Shaking head*

7. Music, Schmusic. Your built-in Music program needs a lot of work. I especially hate the way you sort my songs. Helllllo?? HTC people, are you reading this? 😛

8. Screen Scream. I did mention how much of a fingerprint magnet your smooth screen is, right? Yes, right up there — the second sentence of this heartfelt missive of mine. Your screen is beautiful, true, but only indoors. It’s completely unusable once I’m outdoors.

Okay, okay…so I can only come up with 8 things that I hate about you. But I’m keeping the title anyway just because “Ten Things I Hate About You” sounds way catchier than “Eight Things I Hate About You”. (It doesn’t hurt that I loved that 1999 movie. Heh!)

So there. I feel cleansed. Purged. Relieved to have done this confession of sorts about how much I hate you. But I do love you, you know. And in fairness to you, I will also be telling you very soon all about the things that I love about you. And why my life has changed because of you. And how I can’t imagine living without you when I have to return you to Maxis on the 20th of June. *Sniffle*

Now please excuse me while I go look for a tissue to wipe away my tears and blow my nose. All this talk about parting ways with you in less than a week is just making me so sad… Waaaaahhhhh!!!! :((