This was the cake that I made for the twins on their 3rd birthday, which I should have posted a month ago.

For those who want to know how I made this, I baked a chocolate cake, let it cool, then covered it with melted cooking chocolate. For the sand, I crushed some digestive cookies (I wonder why they’re called that?) but graham crackers should also do. I whipped up a small portion of buttercream icing (butter + confectioner’s sugar), unevenly tinted with blue food colouring, so as to simulate foam in the ocean, with bits of white here and there. ‘Kitkat Bytes’ served as rocks (I was looking for Maltesers but thought these are better because they’re more irregularly shaped). I set aside a bit of the buttercream frosting and tinted it red and used it for the letters. The umbrellas are the type that they use in drinks; they were the only decorative items left in the cake supplies shop at that time (Chinese New Year).

The end-product looks obviously homemade but for something that was done in one morning from start to finish, I suppose it’s not that bad. What I do know is — the kids enjoyed the cake immensely and, everytime someone wanted a slice, I got a kick out of saying, “Would you like sand or water? How about a rock?” 😉

I’ll post a recipe of the chocolate cake very soon, with step-by-step instructions and photographs. And, yes, the cake is very fattening. Better get those weight loss pills ready on hand 😛

OnlyGirl and I had a joint celebration of our birthdays last weekend. We usually do it on the weekend that falls between our birthdays (although she usually gets her own cake on her birthday).

It was a simple, family affair, but with a small twist — this year, I made a cake in the shape of a castle, inspired by the simple (or so I thought!) castle cake design that I found in BirthdayExpress.com.

It was my first attempt in making and decorating a fancy cake, so please pardon the amateurish look to the final product. The kids didn’t seem to mind. MyEldest had a blast helping me decorate it. And they all enjoyed eating it, fighting over who gets the pretzel ‘door’ and ‘drawbridge’, the gummy ‘flags’ and the gumdrops.

I used a vanilla cake recipe for this cake, topped with buttercream frosting, lightly tinted yellow for the ‘castle’ and blue for the ‘water’ in the ‘moat’. Using the tip of a bamboo toothpick, I scored lines on the yellow frosting to make the ‘bricks’. I forgot to buy a rectangular cake plate so I made do with my cake stand from Ikea.

The cake cost very little to make. That is, if I only take into account the cost of materials. The cost of labour would have been high, considering that it took this amateur half a day to complete the whole thing.

But the joy that the kids got from it? Priceless! 🙂