I love coffee and have always been on the lookout for a suitable container/bottle/tumbler that (i) doesn’t leak, (ii) keeps my drink hot/cold for a reasonable amount of time, and (iii) looks good. I’ve always been eyeing Starbucks’ tumblers but their usual fliptop design has a tendency to leak.

It’s bad enough that Starbucks Malaysia’s having a promotion until 30th June 2013 — frappucinos at 50% off on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays…provided you bring your own (Starbucks) tumbler. Of course, there’s the year-round deal of a RM2 discount off any beverage if you use a Starbucks tumbler. And so a tiny seed was planted — the seed of desire.

Then last Monday, I saw these:

These are Starbucks Malaysia’s Summer 2013 Limited Edition tumblers in lime green (with a coconut tree), teal (with a scuba diver), and purple (with three surfboards). And right there and then, I bought a teal one for myself a friend. The colour just blew me away…even though but I desperately wanted the surfboards design so I bought the purple one for myself, which is more of thistle purple than purple purple (see: hex triplet #D8BFD8).

Oh, and if you’re a marketing person, that ‘limited promotion’ gimmick really works wonders on a would-be-buyer’s psyche, making the purchase suddenly very urgent and impossible to postpone.

With a whopping RM128 price tag per tumbler, it definitely ain’t cheap. But you know what? It. Just. Works. Last Monday, I bought a hot latte 5 pm…and it was still hot at 11 pm (comfortably hot to drink but still hot enough for me to limit myself to sipping it instead of chugging it). Today, I bought a green tea soy frappucino at 8 pm…and the final one-inch thick layer at the bottom was still undeniably crushed ice at 2 am.

The tumbler features a lock so that you don’t accidentally open it at an inopportune time. It doesn’t leak. It works like a Thermos should. And boy, it scores big time in the look section!

It will probably take me a year’s worth of Starbucks beverages to regain my cost of investment (at RM2 discount per drink)…unless I consume 10 more frappucinos between now and 30th June 2013. But because it works as it should, I feel very happy for having made such a good buy. Looks like I’ll be bringing homemade latte to the office everyday from now on! 😀