As promised in my previous post on sunsets, I’m posting here the edited version of a little something that I wrote in December 2007 about our weekend getaway at Port Dickson a.k.a. PD, Malaysia:

I’m typing out this msg on my Dopod, as I slouch on a plastic white chair, seeking shelter in the shade of a coconut tree that’s barely taller than me. My feet are propped on my black Havaianas, a gift from my Auntie B when she came to KL early this year. My Nikon D40 lies dormant in its bag, rendered useless by its dead battery (the spare battery is sadly sitting on my desk at home!).

OnlyGirl and RoundBoy are frolicking at the water’s edge, while MyEldest is digging furiously into the powdery white sand with his bare hands. The gentle lapping of the waves would have lulled sleep-deprived ol’ me to sleep, if not for the annoying whine of the engines of 2 or 3 jetskis in the distance. Lola is browsing through the Sunday edition of a popular Malay tabloid. DH is ensconced in the air-conditioned comfort of the hotel, as he sits through the final talk of his weekend seminar, probably fidgeting in his seat as his mind wanders off to the innumerable tiny clams that are begging to be dug out of the sand (we got a whole bagful yesterday afternoon without much effort!).

It’s been at least 5 years since I last visited PD and I’d have to admit that I’m pleasantly surprised. The beaches are pristine, the water oh-so-inviting, the air so fresh and invigorating.

KL is just a 45-minute drive away but the sand, the beach and the sky can fool anyone into thinking that we could be in Phuket or Bali, instead of good old PD. Tomorrow’s a Monday but it feels like light years away…

And here’s a little insider information for you: I harbour secret dreams of writing and taking photos for travel magazines (but since I’m posting this, it’s not a secret anymore!) and I actually had the nerve to email the original version of this write-up to AirAsia’s Travel3Sixty inflight magazine. That was sometime in January and they did not even acknowledge receiving my email, so I might as well post this in my own site 😛

[Note: beach.jpg taken with Dopod 838 Pro, feet_in_sand.jpg & sunset.jpg taken with Nikon D40]