As smartphones and tablets get smarter and as their cameras get better, I find that people are relying on these mobile devices more and more to capture important events in their lives. You see everyone, young and old, using them to take photos in weddings, graduations, birthdays, award ceremonies. After all, those mobile devices are lightweight, very easy to use, and they double as communication devices, as well, that can instantly upload the pics to social networks right after snapping them.

I, myself, use my mobile devices a lot for snapping everyday pics — little things that catch my eye while going for a quick run; the gorgeous changing hues of the sunset that change from day to day during my drive home from work; the little things that I upload to Instagram and Facebook.

But for my travels and for special occasions, I still turn to my trusty Nikon DSLR. It’s heavy, true, and clunky, too. But I find the control, precision, and detail that DSLR cameras offer to be simply unparalleled until now.

Proof #1: instantaneous bokeh. All I had to do was adjust the aperture, focus on the red tulip, and voila! Beautiful bokeh straight out of the camera.

Proof #2: water flowing like silken strands. Simply adjust the shutter speed to achieve the effect that you want — slow, smooth, dreamy…or frozen in time? Just make sure your hand is very steady…or invest in a tripod. (This pic is actually pretty shaky because I didn’t have a tripod at that time but I love how it looks just the same.)

Proof #3: incredible moon pics. This was a handheld shot of the moon over New Zealand using my Nikon D90 and my trusty old 18-200mm lens. No mobile device can capture a decent shot of the moon; all you’ll ever end up with is a blob of light with a lot of noise (those random specks of light and colour that show up in most low-light photos or in low-resolution photos when you try to zoom in too much).

And if you’re not sure which camera or lens to buy, fret not! There are now free online services in Malaysia that make it so much easier to compare prices and specifications at a glance.

So yeah. A DSLR camera may be heavy, clunky, and un-sexy. But it’s definitely worth its weight in gold!


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