There’s a mango tree in a street corner in our neighbourhood that is always laden with fruit. Unfortunately, those mangoes are of what we call the mempelam variety — small and extremely sour, even when already ripe — that’s why they’re spared by the neighbourhood kids. The few times when we dared pick the fruit, we’d eat them the Malay way — with thick soy sauce, sugar, and chilis — although I recently discovered that the tart fruits also go very well with Kecap Bango, an Indonesian sweet soy sauce. But generally speaking, most of the sour fruit remain unpicked until they rot.

So one fine day, DH decided to put an end to the wastage and thought, make not make jeruk mempelam? With the kind assistance of Sir Google, we found an easy recipe that yielded jeruk mempelam that’s so yummy, Lola and I finished off one whole jar to ourselves in one sitting, a recipe that I’m sharing with you now.

Jeruk Mempelam (Pickled Green Mangoes)

Ingredients A:
1 kg green mangoes
1 cup salt
2 liters water

Ingredients B:
2 cups sugar
2 liters water

1. Wash, peel, and slice the mangoes in halves or thin lengthwise. Drain and set aside. You can opt not to peel the mangoes if they’re very young.
2. Prepare the brine solution by boiling the water and adding the salt. Allow to cool.
3. Place the mangoes inside bottles and pour the brine solution over them, just enough to cover.
4. Leave the mangoes to soak in the brine solution for 2-3 days/nights.
5. On the 3rd day/night, prepare the sugar solution by boiling the water and adding the sugar. Allow to cool.
6. Pour out the brine solution and drain the mangoes while waiting for the sugar solution to cool. Handle the mangoes properly to avoid any contamination.
7. Place the mangoes into jars and pour the sugar solution over them.
8. Leave the mangoes to soak in the sugar solution for 2-3 days/nights or according to taste. (We only soaked ours overnight but the mangoes still came out yummy!)
9. Pour out the sugar solution. Place the mangoes in smaller containers and keep in the fridge.
10. Enjoy!

This recipe is not exactly your everyday-working-mother’s-recipe…but it sure fits my requirements for ‘perfect recipes’ to a T — quick, easy, and requires the least amount of ingredients and effort!

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