Because MyEldest is an extraordinary boy, his birthday cake had to be extraordinary as well. So I searched the internet far and wide and was elated to find the perfect cake for him just a couple of days before his birthday — pizza cake!

It’s soooo easy to make!

Start off by baking your favourite yellow cake or traditional vanilla birthday cake. But don’t pour everything into one cake tin — pour out one thin layer into a baking tin that’s about the size of a pizza pan. Or bake the cake in a pizza pan, if you have one. (I’ve got one, but it’s got holes, supposedly for crispier crusts.)

The batter from my usual vanilla cake recipe was enough for 2 pizza cakes plus 6 medium cupcakes.

Then while the cake cools, take a pizza box. You can buy new ones from your favourite baking supplies shop (I go to a shop called Bagus, which means ‘good’ in Malay) or, if you’re a harassed pressed-for-time working mom like me who tends to forget little details like this, you can recycle the pizza boxes from the night before…

……and just line them with baking paper that’s been cut to size. (Please ignore the oily stains, thank you! By the time your cake is ready, no one will notice them.) Oh, and make sure you throw away the cheese-encrusted cardboard lining at the base of the pizza box beforehand.

Now, it’s time make your favourite frosting and dye it a deep, dark red to imitate tomato sauce. I made a quick buttercream frosting by beating some softened butter, mixing in some icing sugar and adding in a few drops of milk. Unfortunately, my red food colouring didn’t make the frosting red enough, hence it ended up looking more pink than red. (Sorry ’bout that, son!) Spread a thin layer of this frosting on top of the cooled cake, a few centimeters before the edge to imitate the pizza crust.

It doesn’t have to smooth or perfect. Trust me on this.

Grate some white chocolate and sprinkle over the ‘tomato sauce’. The white chocolate is your ‘mozzarella cheese’ 😉

The white chocolate will add a lot of sweetness to your cake so it might be a good idea to cut down the sugar when making the frosting.

Now for the fun part — the toppings!  I used fruits — blueberries cut in half (the ‘olives’), strawberries cut into rounds (the ‘pepperoni’) and a banana sliced thinly. I read some suggestions on the internet to use red Jello to mimic pepperoni but I very much prefer using fruits.

Complete the illusion by cutting the pizza…err, cake…with a pizza cutter to cut it into 12 or more slices. Here’s the birthday boy happily doing the task while his mother was snapping away. This was early in the morning, just before I left for work, which explains why RoundBoy is still in his pyjamas. (NB: Their school is closed due to a high number of students having viral fever. So they’re having a week-long holiday while most other students are in school. I do know that there are other schools that are closed, as well.)

Serve each slice with a generous dollop of whipped cream. And watch the cake disappear faster than you can say ‘pizza cake’.

Try making one today. You’ll be surprised at how easy it can be!


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