When our family was in the Philippines for a week-long holiday in June 2005, I already suspected that I was pregnant. For one, my period was late. Then there were the unmistakable symptoms of nausea, dizziness and an unexplained aversion towards certain types of food.

The moment we got back to KL, I immediately made an appointment with my obstetrician-gynecologist, Dr. Z, just to get the pregnancy confirmed and for me to get started on prenatal vitamins, as well.

When the customary urine test came out positive, Dr. Z did a quick ultrasound scan to check the size of the fetus and determine my EDD (expected due date).

“Six weeks,” she proclaimed.

I looked at the tiny figure on the screen, then at the dark area surrounding it, which looked abnormally larger than usual. Could my uterus have expanded much faster than usual?

“Doctor, cuba tengok kalau ada satu lagi (Doctor, try to see if there’s another one.),” I told her in half-jest. We’re very good friends – Dr. Z and I – hence, I’ve always felt free to joke around with her. She has, after all, delivered OnlyGirl and RoundBoy, so it’s a friendship that spans a good 10 years.

She grinned, knowing how I’ve always fantasized about having twins, but playfully obliged. She spread a bit more of the cold gel over my tummy and moved the hand-held transducer. Then she froze.

Ada lagi lah, Mi! (There’s another one!)”

“Eh, Doctor! Jangan lah main-main! (Don’t pull my leg!)”

Ada!” she said firmly.

She moved the transducer up. “Here’s one.” Then she moved it slightly downwards. “And here’s another one.”

Ultrasound image of the twins at 12 weeks old. The fetuses are marked with the numbers ’1′ and ’2′.

I vaguely remember her telling me that multiple pregnancies are considered high-risk pregnancies and that I’d have to see her more often than usual. The rest of the visit was a blur because I was in total shock. But at the same time, I was deliriously happy…and absolutely scared.

I wasn’t the only one to be shell-shocked. DH was quiet for a good ten seconds when I called him to break the news. At first, I thought the phone reception was problematic (he was in South Africa at that time). Then I realized that there was nothing wrong with the line — it’s just that my normally cool and level-headed husband was having difficulty processing the information!

The children, on the other hand, were ecstatic, especially OnlyGirl. She’s been asking for a sister for such a long time and she expressed how she hoped I’d get two girls or one boy and one girl.

My mom was excited, of course, but wondered how it could have happened because we don’t have any history of twins in our family.

And so started the most unforgettable pregnancy of my life. In a future post, I will write about what it’s like to be pregnant with twins.


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