This story happened in December 2006, when the twins were 11 months old.

I bought some bread that day… and somehow, in my haste, brought it with me to the master’s bedroom and totally forgot about it for the rest of the evening.

The next morning, when DH and I woke up, this is what we saw:-

The twins must have seen the bread, somehow managed to open the plastic bag (which wasn’t sealed but tied loosely with a plastic tag), and helped themselves to the bread! 😀

That’s Twin2 in the foreground, picking out the raisins from the bread, and Twin1 in the background, as though trying to get away from the scene of the ‘crime’ 😉

Take note of Twin1′s pajama pants — they’ve got a hole in the crotch area! I bought them in Carrefour Shanghai during one of my business trips. Apparently, or so I was told, a lot of people in Mainland China don’t use diapers in the daytime. The toddler would walk around wearing pants like these. And when nature calls, the child would just squat, effectively opening up the hole in his pants for him to be able to do his/her business. How or when the parent(s) would clean up the child after that is beyond my knowledge.

I dunno if this thing still happens in China but when DH and I were at the Forbidden City in Beijing some 3 or 4 years ago, there was a child who pooed on the floor of one of the courtyards (what sacrilege to a cultural monument!). The mother quickly scooped up the child in her arms while the father hurriedly tried to clean up the ‘evidence’ with some tissue. What an irony that a hygiene conference was ongoing in the very same city at that time!


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