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Flying Mum’s Log

I’m back in KL and strangely unable to fall asleep despite (or because of?) my fatigue. So I blog! My return flight on KLM was a pleasure, as always. The flight left on time. The huge aircraft with its recently redesigned interior looked and felt spacious. Their free hot meal, although not the best, was … Continue reading »

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Juggling Motherhood & A Career

Foreword: I wrote this article for a Polish magazine called ‘Voice For Life’. I wrote it in English, then it was translated into Polish by Ms. Alicja Babkiewicz and published in the January 2009 issue of the said magazine. I hold a senior position in a Malaysian company that is in the manufacturing sector. My … Continue reading »

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So Exhausted, I Can’t Sleep

Have you ever felt so tired and so exhausted…but you just couldn’t fall asleep? Even though every fibre of your being is  screaming for rest? This happens to me a lot whenever I’m travelling. Which is really a shame because that’s about the only time I get to sleep without any of the twins waking … Continue reading »

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I Never Get Anything Done on Weekends

Weekends are supposed to be the time for working mums to catch up on the lost list of errands that accumulate during the week. But I never get anything done on weekends. Well…almost never. Saturdays for me typically start with a trip to Tesco Hypermarket. Why Tesco? Coz they open at 8 am, that’s why … Continue reading »

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The worst thing that working mothers all over the world probably ever have to deal with is guilt. Guilt for being in the middle of a make-or-break meeting, when your son’s kindergarten teacher calls up to say he fell off the monkey bars. .. Guilt when you come home after a long meeting at the … Continue reading »

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