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Inexpensive Ways To Spend The School Holidays

School holidays have come again in Malaysia. It’s only for a week but it’s already wreaking havoc on offices as hordes of their staff file for leave to take care of their children (if they have problems secure a babysitter) or go on a holiday with the entire family. You can expect flights to and … Continue reading »

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Resizing Pics Using IrfanView

Digital cameras are getting more sophisticated yet cheaper by the day. They’re now in the range of 10 megapixels and, as a consequence, resulting photographs are now getting bigger in file size, as well. This poses problems in terms of emailing photos to family and friends, as a huge file would slow down the sending/receiving … Continue reading »

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Paris On A Budget

With the continued strengthening of the Euro, you can expect a holiday in Paris to significantly dent your bank account. Fortunately, there are a few things that you can do to stretch the power of your (limited) amount of Euros. Here are 10 tips which I hope you’ll find useful: 1. Pick your hotel wisely … Continue reading »

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The Twins @ 2 Yrs 3 Mos & Some Tips On Boosting Children’s Intelligence

I am recording this for posterity. At 2 years and 3 months, the twins can: identify the major colours; identify common animals and some of the not-so-common ones, like the flamingo; identify fruits; identify shapes and state the shape of objects; understand the concept of numbers and counting; count up to 10 in English, Malay, … Continue reading »

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Traveling with Kids

Perhaps you’re wondering what it’s like to travel with 5 kids. To put it mildly? STRESSFUL!!! The packing alone is daunting. I always try to minimize the amount of luggage that we have to take along but, at the same time, I learned the hard way from past trips that it’s safer to bring some … Continue reading »

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