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The Great Malaysian-Indonesian Divide

At first glance, Bahasa Malaysia (Malaysian language) and Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian language) look very similar. Most of the words are the same — makan (eat), ikan (fish), rumah (house); the structure of sentences are also the same, e.g. Ini anak saya (This is my child). But after countless trips to Indonesia, it is becoming more … Continue reading »

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Harris Hotel Tebet: Simple, Unique, Friendly

I was in Jakarta last week and needed to stay in a hotel within close proximity to a client’s place. They booked me at Harris Hotel Tebet, a small hotel which is — as its tagline proclaims — simple, unique and friendly. This is a shot of the hotel lobby… …and this is the area … Continue reading »

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Mt. Bromo – One Of The World’s Most Ethereal Landscapes

Preface: I wrote an article about Mt. Bromo in 2008 and had delusions of getting it published, so I sent it to AirAsia’s in-flight magazine, Travel3Sixty, and put off posting anything about my Surabaya trip in my blog in the hopes that AirAsia would like the article enough to publish it.  (I thought the article … Continue reading »

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Tangkuban Parahu (Bandung, Indonesia)

If you find yourself in the city of Bandung, Indonesia, do make it a point to make a quick trip to Tangkuban Parahu, an active volcano located some 30 km north of the city. It’s interesting because the main crater can easily be accessed without involving any climbing and is wide and not that deep, … Continue reading »

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Buat Darurat (For An Emergency)

I was in a small town somewhere in Lembang, Indonesia last week and I was desperately searching for an apotek (pharmacy) or toko optik (optical shop) that sells contact lens cleaning solution. By small town, I mean really small. As in, shops specialising in pet supplies or donuts were nary in sight. I went from … Continue reading »

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