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The Peak Coffee – My Favourite Local Café

If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you would have noticed my tendency to post lots and lots of food pics. Here’s a little fun fact about those food pics: good number of those food pics actually come from the same place — The Peak Coffee! It goes without saying that the food is fantastic, … Continue reading »

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Going Crazy Over Deuter Bags

If you’re anything like me, there’s a small collection of bags in your room, in your closet, in the storeroom, in the attic. A couple of bags for work. A big all-around bag for travel. A small clutch for dinner and more formal affairs. A small casual bag for short trips to the grocery store. … Continue reading »

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Pandora-Compatible Charms From Soufeel: A Second Look

Despite my initial disappointment with Soufeel’s delivery time the first time I ordered from them, I was determined to buy another set of charms to complete my current Pandora bracelet. And whaddya know? This time around, I received my order in just a little over a week! This time, the package came from Hong Kong. … Continue reading »

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Pandora-Compatible Charms From Soufeel: A Quick Review

Just as DSLR camera owners tend to succumb to a lens acquisition frenzy, Pandora charm bracelet owners also have a similar propensity in acquiring new charms with which to fill up their bracelets. But Pandora charms are not that cheap, especially in Malaysia, where prices are get as much as twice the prices in the … Continue reading »

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The Slick, Sleek CitySlicker MacBook Case From SFBags – WaterField Designs

So you got yourself a new MacBook Pro with Retina. Congratulations! Now it’s time for you to get the right bag for it. Since you spent a small fortune on that slick, sleek machine, it’s only logical to get a slick, sleek bag to match its looks and keep it well-protected in style. I travel … Continue reading »

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