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Anything & everything under the sun

Waxing Nostalgic About Literature

Do people still have such a thing called “Literature” in school? Do students still have to struggle through the alien world of Old English; plod through super lengthy short stories; try to stay awake the first few pages of a novel that your own mother recommended (gasp!) , only to find yourself unable to put … Continue reading »

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My Little Dragon Turns 3!

Ahh….where did the time go? My little peanut of a boy is now a running, talking, screaming, giggling, chatting, (pretend) reading, scooter-riding, YouTube-browsing, smartphone-scrolling three-year old who loves construction toys and knows his dinosaurs. Me: Look! Stegosaurus! (pointing at the purple dinosaur) Little Dragon: No. It’s (a) triceratops! Oops! Looks like the Mama needs to … Continue reading »

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The Magic of Random Conversation

I was in Penang the other day and, as is my wont, I started chatting with the taxi driver as he skillfully wove in and out of late afternoon traffic to send me to Penang International Airport. Somehow, we got to talking about hobbies, when he suddenly asked me to look at the pocket behind … Continue reading »

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It’s Been A While, Crocodile

Whoa! Two months since my last post?! Oh wow. I’m still here. Kinda. I’m drowning in (graduate) schoolwork, laundry, office commitments, cooking, babysitting. Mostly babysitting. Running’s been sidelined. All other extra activities chucked in the back burner. No thanks to my Indonesian maid who has gone missing, after going home to marry off her daughter … Continue reading »

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The Next Step: Application For Malaysian Citizenship

I was in Putrajaya last week to settle some paperwork with Imigresen (Immigration) and Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara (National Registration Department) a.k.a. JPN for short. As expected, the process was tedious and cumbersome and involved a lot of running around from one office to another. But I consider all of that hassle as negligible, considering how  … Continue reading »

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