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Pandora-Compatible Charms From Soufeel: A Second Look

Posted by on 29 December 2013

Despite my initial disappointment with Soufeel’s delivery time the first time I ordered from them, I was determined to buy another set of charms to complete my current Pandora bracelet. And whaddya know? This time around, I received my order in just a little over a week! This time, the package came from Hong Kong.

For starters, I took a leap of faith and bought Soufeel’s pink pave charm. I already have one pink pave Pandora charm and wanted one more to have a matching pair but, as all Pandora owners know, pave charms cost quite a bit more than the normal silver charms. So yeah, despite not knowing what to expect from Soufeel, I went ahead and bought their version of the pink pave charm. The size and pattern looks so much like Pandora’s, as you can see from the pic below:

However, if you look really closely, the stones used by Soufeel (on the right) are a shade or two darker than Pandora’s. It’s not that obvious at quick glance, unless you’re borderline OCD like me who’s got hawk-like eyes that can pick out such a tiny detail. To solve the problem, do NOT, I repeat — do NOT — put the two pave charms too close together just like in the pic below, so that people won’t notice the shade difference. Just in case they’re borderline OCD like me and notice that the right pave charm is just a little bit darker than the one on the left :P

I also bought another white Spot & Swirl charm to match the one I bought last time, as well as a pair of blue spacers to use with my Pandora Fascinating Teal glass bead. (The Spot & Swirl charms are the ones right beside the Fascinating Teal glass bead.)

As you can see, the colour is not as light as it is in Soufeel’s website, but it looks good enough for my intended use even though the Pandora Fascinating Teal is, sadly, more towards the green colour spectrum rather than blue.

And for having purchased a little over $50 worth of charms, not only did I get the silver vine ‘Thank You’ charm like last time, I also got this dainty little white enamel flower charm for free!

The box that came with this order was different from the first one but still charming and elegant, all the same.

This was the invoice for my second order from Soufeel:

Thank You Wild Vine Charm FG-FJ1063 1 $0.00
March Blue Spacers Birthstone Charm 925 Sterling Silver Pandora Compatible XS1064C 2 $27.90
White Spot And Swirl Charm 925 Sterling Silver Pandora Compatible LW156D 1 $16.95
November Daily Deal Pink Round Crystal Charm 925 Sterling Silver Pandora Compatible NVD-LW170A 1 $12.95
White Four Leaf Clover Lucky Charm

Overall, I was very pleased with my second purchase but will not be buying any charms for a while due to budgetary constraints.

5 Responses to Pandora-Compatible Charms From Soufeel: A Second Look

  1. avril

    I will just admire them..hehehe

  2. Nat

    Hey, I read both of your reviews about this Soufeel product. I just purchased from them a whole set of bracelet. As for now, I’m WORRIED about the delivery (referring to your first review and others’) as I hope it WILL REACH me first before I judge the quality because receiving the item is more important than losing the money for nothing.
    Anyway, how is the quality of the material? Is the sterling silver as good as Pandora’s? Would it be coated only? Or maybe it’s still new and fresh hence we couldn’t spot whether it’s real sterling silver or not. I actually have doubt in this company after reading so many bad reviews. Mainly it’s because of the delivery time and quality.

  3. WaiYee

    Hi Mimi,
    I’m really glad that you shared your reviews and experiences on Soufeel. It was truly enlightening for a newcomer such as myself. I was sceptical with their products too and fortunate to have found your comments. I did make few enquiries with them and received replies promptly (though some answers were rather ambiguous). I am still contemplating whether to buy from them but I am more interested in their personalised name monogram/family products than their bracelet charms. So far I don’t see many reviews on these products. Any advice you can give me. I did check on for personalised products but felt that Soufeel ones are more affordable and look better in comparison. Are the pictures shown in their websites totally different from the actual products? Appreciate your valuable opinion.

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