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Pandora-Compatible Charms From Soufeel: A Quick Review

Posted by on 17 December 2013

Just as DSLR camera owners tend to succumb to a lens acquisition frenzy, Pandora charm bracelet owners also have a similar propensity in acquiring new charms with which to fill up their bracelets. But Pandora charms are not that cheap, especially in Malaysia, where prices are get as much as twice the prices in the US or UK. So some experimentation with cheaper options may be inevitable at some point.

Enter Soufeel, which promises Pandora-compatible charms at a fraction of Pandora’s price. My mantra in life has always been “If it’s too good to be true, it probably isn’t,” so I approached Soufeel with a lot of caution. I mean, when I mentioned how their prices are at a fraction of Pandora’s, I meant, like, only about a third of what Pandora charms cost. As in, I can buy three (3!) Soufeel charms for the same price I’d pay for a single Pandora charm.

Secondly, I’ve been browsing the internet for reviews but have not been able to find anything detailed or critical enough. But the good quality pictures, the professional-looking website, the cheaper-than-Pandora prices, and the promise of 925 sterling silver and free shipping (for purchases above $50) eventually drew me in. After all, Soufeel does have a 365-day return guarantee so I thought to myself, “Why not? I can always return it if I’m not satisfied.”

So I made my online purchase and got my first surprise: the credit card charge is to a Hong Kong-based company.

Then the waiting began. I waited. And waited. And waited. Twice, I chatted with Soufeel’s customer service personnel to inquire about my order. The first chat did not go too well — the customer service rep named Stella did not seem to know English that well. She wasn’t much help — she just kept saying that my order is on the way and that the delay is probably caused by the Christmas rush…which really did not make sense because I made my purchase in early November. Warning bells started going off in my head but I decided to give them the benefit of the doubt and wait for just a few more days.

Exactly a month after my online purchase, I attempted another online chat and had a better experience with this girl named Claire. Claire managed to bring up the tracking status of my order and I saw that my parcel was, at long last, already in KLIA Customs. It took another 2 days for my order to finally reach me. That was the second surprise. Free shipping, which Soufeel’s website claims takes “10-20 business days”, really takes at least 20 business days…or about an entire month from the day I placed my order to the day when I finally had the package in my hands.

The third surprise? The package definitely came from China. (But then again, even iPhones are made in China, even if they’re designed in Cupertino. Just sayin’…)

So how do I find the charms? Surprisingly, the charms look quite good to the naked eye and do not disappoint appearance-wise.

This is the white ‘Spot and Swirl’ charm.

It looks very similar to Pandora’s….(gasp!)…. ‘Spot and Swirl’ charm (although I’ve seen other sites that refer to it as ‘Primrose Path’ so I’m not sure which one is which).

This is Soufeel’s ‘G-Pattern Clip’…

…which resembles very eerily Pandora’s ‘Elemental Flow’ clip.

The clip was a bit tight initially. By tight, I mean, it would not seem to close over the thread part of my Pandora bracelet. And it was ‘stuck’ at the position where I clipped it on my bracelet. But after a few days use, it loosened up a bit and I could use it just like any of my Pandora clips.

Soufeel threw in this free ‘Thank You’ charm, probably because I bought it sometime around Thanksgiving. Anyway, if you look closely, you can see it stamped with ’925′, as in, you know, 925 silver, which is supposed to be the highest quality silver, also known as sterling silver.

Can you spot the Soufeel charms with my genuine Pandora bracelet and genuine Pandora charms?

The charms came in a black cardboard box with a black paper sleeve. The cardboard box looks reasonably acceptable and does not look cheap. But, of course, it is not as posh as Pandora’s faux leather boxes IF you are lucky enough to get one with your purchase. (In Malaysia, Pandora shops would give a box but in the US, online purchase of Pandora charms from Bloomingdale’s do not come with any boxes.)

The box also came with a black ‘velvet’ cushion and a black sponge as buffer. They also threw in a small polishing cloth — very similar to those small pieces of cloth that the optical shop gives you when you buy eyeglasses — which somehow seemed to make the silver charms gleam after a few quick rubs (not shown in photo).

I was supposed to receive a pair of crystal earrings as a free gift with my purchases but, instead, they (mistakenly? purposely?) threw in this Murano glass charm.

It looks pretty decent but, unfortunately, it does not match the theme of my Pandora bracelets. I do have Murano charms but only the big faceted ones (i.e. ‘Fascinating Pink’, ‘Fascinating Teal’, ‘Fascinating White’). So if my sister-in-law doesn’t mind accepting this from me as a gift, she will become its new rightful owner because, despite Soufeel’s 365-return policy, I feel that it would be too much of a hassle to have this one tiny item sent back and replaced.

The charms were packed inside separate plastic bags inside the same box.

And for the curious ones, this is how the package looked like as it was sent through Chinese post. (Told ya the thing came from China!)

So far, I am quite satisfied with the quality of the charms. In fact, I already placed a second order so that I can have a second ‘Spot and Swirl’ charm for some symmetry in my bracelet. And since I already know what to expect this time regarding the actual delivery time, I would not be fretting as much as I did with the first order.

Would I recommend Soufeel? If you don’t care about the brand, yes, I would. I find the quality and workmanship of my selected charms to be quite good (to date — knock on wood!) and the prices to be very reasonable. But if you are the type of person who would not feel right to use charms other than from Pandora, then just stick to what makes you feel comfortable. But just so you know, Pandora Malaysia stores offer free polishing for the entire lifetime of your bracelet and they do not really care if you have non-Pandora charms in your bracelet. Besides, from the sheer number of charms that Pandora has churned from its inception until present day, I doubt if the normal Pandora employee would be able to remember all the original designs.

P.S. In the past, I’ve also tried Lovelinks charms from Australia — the pearl dangling charm inside the red box in the pic below — and I’m pleased to report that the charms are still in excellent condition to this day.


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50 Responses to Pandora-Compatible Charms From Soufeel: A Quick Review

  1. Dotty Jamil

    hello there, thank you so much for your review. i am glad i came across this. i have been tempted, many times, to get the soufeel charm, but being the skeptic that i am, i will always end up telling myself not to. haha…i think your entry helped a lot. and i will now be able to make my decision. thanks, and enjoy your weekend!!

  2. Mimi

    Hi Dotty! My second purchase just arrived today and I hope to find some time this weekend to write about it ;) Hint: it involves a pave charm that looks 99% like the original Pandora version.

  3. Suhayati


    Hai Sis Mimi.. please help me to purchase charm at soufeel.. I dont have credit card Thank you.. :-)

  4. farrah

    Kak mimi, baru je nak point out to you about soufeel but you are already a step ahead. Thank you for this post because I am a bit skeptic about it too.

  5. Rhonda

    I ordered a couple of $3.99 charms from soufeel the other day…small order, then I began to look for reviews, and question it. It’s been processing for a week, and the money was in Paypal, with no wait on the part of an echeck. Then I saw their negative reviews on Facebook and here. I don’t think I’ll order from them again, but your pictures of the charms are really pretty. Glad you made this post cause I’ll know what to expect. I might try Pugster next time. Thanks so much!

  6. Dotty Jamil

    hey Mimi, read your post about your second purchase from soufeel. I am clicking the ‘checkout’ button NOW! heheheh..thank you and enjoy your weekend!! :-))

  7. Melissa

    My experience is very similar to yours here in Canada, except that on my 2nd order, I had purchased a clip lock that locked two bracelets together. Unfortunately within 12 hrs of receiving this particular charm, it came loose and fell off. Unfortunately I’m now stuck to either buy another, or eat it, because SouFeel will not help in any way, even though this charm fell off within a few short hours of first putting it on.. Lol they offered to help me find it in fact…. As if I hadn’t looked for it…. And they’re in China mind you, while I’m in Canada…. Since this one was lost, the other two clips, also purchased with Soufeel, have also fell off a couple times. Luckily I was checking & happened to get lucky. Ive actually begun requesting a return & such on my purchases, at least the ones that hasn’t been lost

  8. Susan Harvey

    I ordered charms from Soufeel two weeks ago. Money was taken out of my account fast, but I never got an email with an order number and my charms have yet to show. Knowing that it took you a month to get yours makes me uncomfortable. I have just sent them my third email requesting either information on my order or my money back. Last email was a little more threatening however regarding legal action. Sigh. All I wanted was some charms.

  9. Mimi

    Hi Susan. Have you tried chatting with them online? Have your purchase confirmation email ready so that you can give them the reference number. Good luck!

  10. Mimi

    Oh Melissa! So sorry to hear you didn’t have much luck with your Soufeel clip lock :(

  11. Mary Jo

    I ordered a bracelet and three charms with express delivery on Jan 31. It is Feb 14 and no delivery! I sent four email requests for tracking info, but no reply from Soufeel. After reading your review, I am a bit more confident that my order will eventually arrive. Too bad one cannot choose one of Soufeel’s US warehouses when placing orders.
    Still looking forward to that package.

  12. ooshmi

    hello mary,

    read this review today and thinking to order some charms in a day or two.
    but i think i shd wait bit more to investigate, whether they are still trustworthy.
    pls let me know if u get ur order, email me at


  13. soo

    hi there,

    i was contemplating whether to buy or not, until i found your review. thanks for your help, my bf just got me a pandora for vday. he was so shocked seeing the same exact stopper that sold in there by 1/2 the price (or even more). :P thanks alot !

  14. lucky

    I was going through a lot of reviews about Soufeel was a bit skeptical after placing an order, well my order arrived on time 12 days after placing the order to here in north America not too bad. They sent me an email with tracking but no good that doesn’t help in any way only confirms that the package was shipped.. But after the package was delivered I got a confirmation from them saying the package was delivered to my mail box.By that time I was already wearing my bracelet.So there was tracking.
    The product was in very good quality.925 silver, I have nothing to complain about the product. don’t want to spend so much for a Pandora. So I placed another order.

  15. Yanhearts

    The product looks good (considering the price point for a 925 silver VS Pandora’s)
    Not sure whether I will be getting due to the bad customer service. If only they improved their customer service. Oh well…


  16. carrie

    I ordered from this site accidentally thinking it was a distributor of Pandora (I am new to the brand and don’t wear it but bought it for my sister). When I noticed it was only Pandora Compatible then I regretted my order. When the charms arrived 3 weeks later I was pleasantly surprised. They are high quality and beautiful. I would definitely order again

  17. Coleen

    I am so glad to find this site to vent my frustration. I got a Pandora bracelet for Christmas from my children and wanted to put more charms on it so I ordered several. I was quite happy with the quality of the charms and the length of time in shipping. So I decided to order a bracelet and a few charms for my daughters and granddaughters…11 total. Since I wanted to give them next Christmas, I wanted to get a box for each so I ordered 11 separate orders. This was Jan 14, 2014. It took about a month to start getting but they were mixed orders, not the way I ordered them. It had several charms in a ring box on several orders, 4 bracelets in a bracelet box, so therefore, I didn’t have enough bracelet boxes for gift giving. I was to get free family charms for each order (11) but only got 3. They were out of an alphabet charm which was very important to one of the bracelet design. They substituted a charm which wasn’t anything I would have bought. They also shorted me 5 bracelets. I wrote several times and they wouldn’t answer my emails. Then they had their holiday and nobody was in the office. I tried to call but had a hard time communicating with her, but she did say she would look into it and send me an email. When they finally answered my email, they said they would send 5 bracelets but no bracelet boxes (they said I had to make a purchase….I guess the $500+ wasn’t an order!), and I needed to pick out another charm for the one they were out of. I did but they said it was too expensive (($12.95) they would give me 50 points instead. I asked for their address so I could send all of it back but they didn’t answer my email. After all this frustration, I just called my credit card company Fri and filed a dispute for all the orders. Maybe they will have better luck than I did. I have never in my life been treated this way from customer service. I will never buy from them again.

  18. Sarah

    I have bought a few charms from Soufeel and have been happy with my purchases until I purchased the Murano glass beads after wearing them on my braclet for 2 weeks they fell apart, I contacted Molly in customer services and she said she would put credit on my account for the next purchase but they still haven’t done so. Most of the silver charms I got were fine, I would order again.

  19. Linda

    I have considered placing an order with Soufeel, but looks like their payment pages are not safe (only http://, no https:// in the browser, no lock sign…). Worries me a bit to place a credit card number there. Another thing, if they’re shipping from China to EU, will there be some extra cost, eg.g customs clearance payments and import taxes?

  20. Att

    Hi, could you please let me have your input if it fades? I understand that it’s 925 sterling but I just want to be sure if it’s of the same as Pandora’s.


  21. Att


    I understand that it’s 925 sterling silver but just wondering now that you’ve worn it for a couple of months, does it fade? And if you were to polish it, would it be as good as it was when you got it or sent to Pandora for polishing? And it won’t oxidise?

  22. Christie Ng

    I received my soufeel charms after about 3 weeks of order. Frankley, the quality are in a high end. It is shiny and the crystal beads are pretty. My feedback to all of you is always send a email to them. Soufeel reply faster via email, they usually reply with 24 hours. Chating with their customer service will make you more inpatient. Advice to pay by PayPal. It is more secure.

  23. Louise

    Don’t bother ordering to soufeel. I bought charms just the other day, the problem is I paid it twice since there was an error on mu first transaction. Basically I have ordered double. I’ve been sending emails to cancel my second order but they insist that It’s already shipped and i should wait for it to arrive. The point it, U don’t want the second set since It’s just the same as the first one. Now I’m waiting for this shipment to arrive. They are disappointing. Wasted my time requesting for it to be cancelled and wasted my money. Its so disappointing

  24. Ann

    Seriously, I still prefer to buy direct from Pandora. Again, personal preference, I cherish my Pandora bracelet and charms and will never add non-Pandora charms on it. Anyways, glad I bumped into your great blog. What made me gawk is, you are a mother of 6!! Amazing mother you are indeed!! Truly blessed :D

  25. Mimi

    att: i’ve had my soufeel for a few months now and i don’t have any issues at all. i’ve even sent my entire bracelet (soufeel charms included) for polishing at a pandora outlet. i felt awkward about it and wanted to remove the non-pandora items but they insisted it was fine. and it was.

  26. shahidah

    hi i attempt to buy soufeel today but got problem during fill in the details of cc and result in 4 times order of the same things. o m g. how ever manage to chat n cancelled it. pls advise after fill in the details of cc , what the web show next? cos when i try it just show same as before i enter the details. that why i keep put in the details until i realize it already 4 times.

  27. badra

    ,hi ,
    for me it was bad experience with soufeel , it was really really bad , i get one charm does not fit in bracelet and theire service ohhhhhhhh my god , i get so irrited with them, they dont reply on ”online chat” all the time changing operator and is not true for the 365 days for return , they told me to send them picture for this charm as proov wich does not make sens , so redicuolus and they dont accpet return wherever raison , so be carefull they are not professional, and the suprise it was when i told them the braclet its quiet bigger i need to return it they told me to gift it to my friend.,,,,can you imagine that ….

  28. Mimi

    ooh so sorry to hear that badra :( but i agree on the chat part. they’re terrible at it!

  29. lucky

    As I commented earlier I ordered gold tone charms from Soufeel. They looked great but after few weeks the gold tone started to fade, now they look bad I can’t wear them anymore. Can’t return either. So do not order in gold tones…… .won’t go back to Soufeel.I never had a problem with Soufeel but they don’t have what I’m looking for.
    Check this out,

    My new place to buy charms.

  30. Mei Ling Ang

    Hi,mimi…just wondering the soufeel charms you bought still in good condition? Thinking want to buy but afraid the quality..hope to reply me soonest at


  31. Vina

    So far I’ve had 2 very good shopping experiences from Soufeel. The first time, I ordered ( from Canada) their bracelet, 3 very nice charms + a free one and just last month I bought 4 additional charms which just came in the mail today ( ordered June 19th-shipped on the 24th and received July 4th) which i think is moderately fast. I’ve had my bracelet and the first set of charms for about 6 months now and they haven’t tarnished or changed color. My friends always compliment my soufeel charms and bracelet and are even more amazed that I’ve bought them at a fraction of what one would pay for from a very ridiculously-priced and over-rated brand name jewellerycompany…LOL…

  32. Neem

    I ordered the charms and it only arrived after 1 month. Yeah the package was from China. What was dissapointing was that I didnt receive all the charms that I ordered. However I was already charged the full amount. There is no phone for me to call or speak to the staff to get a fast response. I only had their email. Had wanted to order more but this first unsatisfactory experience is a put off for me. Hope they can resolve my issues fast.

  33. Coachlover

    Hi, I ordered some beads from Soufeel on the weekend. I went through Paypal that confirmed Soufeel received funds from me.

    I received an email from Soufeel claiming my payment failed and they wanted me to click on a link to try paying again. I think this is strange as Paypal shows on their site the payment went through on my credit card.

    I just wanted to put this out there in case anyone else was thinking about buying from Soufeel, they are taking their chances. I had no problem when I purchased a few months ago. Thanks. T

  34. Mimi

    Mei Ling, your email address didn’t work. My reply bounced back. Anyway, just wanted to let you know my Soufeel charms are still in perfect condition.

  35. therese arnold


  36. Teresita

    im a filipina also, and wanted to buy myself a gift, for passing the board, could you advice me if i should go and order from soufeel? thanks miss

  37. Mimi

    Hi Tet. Congrats for passing the board. I’d suggest you go all out and go for the real thing — Pandora! ;) Afterall, it’s to celebrate your passing the board.

  38. Renee Love

    I received 2 Soufeel bracelets along with 8 charms. I was beyond exited. The first bracelet my favorite was defective, I couldn’t put their own charms on the bracelet. I called and left a voicemail and also sent an e-mail December 27 2013. Following 6 more e; mails and voicemails still no response. I did wear the second bracelet for 2 months and it broke throwing my charms all throughout my vehicle whole driving. Many of my charms have lost stones and I took the second bracelet to a local jeweler for repairs. Yet it broke again. I finally recieved an e-mail once I posted on 4 separate websites. The first line of the response “I apologize for responding to you late after your posts.” C’mon almost a year? Seriously? Requesting pictures and receipts including order numbers. Are you kidding me? I am moving and they are packed away. Customer service is nonexistent. Hey we got your money, we don’t believe in quality or backing our warranty. I will pay 4x’s the cost and have local stores to manage any issues. I will advise anyone, grandmothers, teens, women who already have charm bracelets I happen to see, men purchasing for their loved ones that Soufeel products are cheap, lacking quality, customer service is invisible and they as a company do not care for their buying customers trusting for respect to maintain and create repeat customers. Sheer disappointment! !!! Pandora and Chamilia I’m on my way loaded wallet in hand for appriciation for my choice to purchase from them, quality and true backing of their commitment to customers. NEVER AGAIN Soufeel. Your products and service are awful.

  39. Renee Love

    A Pandora charm may cost $30- $550 ( for gold) yes, Soufeel is CHEAPer. When you purchased your wedding rings did you want quality and professionalism along with respectful service? Just think, it may not be on the same spending level I realize this, does each individual charm have meaning to you and part of your life? Should you worry about tarnishing, losing beads or stones, not accepting the same brand of charms from the same warehouse manufactured in with no service from a single employee? My boyfriend spent over $400. If I spent $10. A guarantee should be honored and again almost A YEAR? We also had billing and payment recieved issues. Ordered a ruby infinity charm….peridot something… unrecognizable charm. Well, the good news, Christmas is coming soon. Bracelets, charms and written warranties with local repair shops located just in case.

  40. Sandy

    I placed my order on October 25 and got my package today November 3rd. Everything I ordered was there. All really nice charms. Nice weight to them. Great product for the price.

  41. kelly

    I bought a few Soufeel charms just because I got a Pandora starter bracelet for gift. Honestly, the charms’ centre looked slightly out of proportion and somewhat lacked good workmanship . I know, it’s possibly me just being too finicky or something, but it just didn’t feel right. Well whatever it is, I have since tried to obtain return n refund information, it is worse than writing a nobel prize thesis. They have stated I will need to bear return shipping fees (no idea return = one way returning OR both ways shipping fees) and non-too-subtly hinted “chances of it being ‘loss’ might occur” What a terrible company. Please just my advice, deal only with reputable traders, the 365 days exchange is a hoax.

  42. Lyra

    I ordered my first batch last October and got them within the expected delivery time. No hitches. I guess I was lucky? Craftsmanship is great.

  43. Dv

    Had anyone ordered from new Zealand (Auckland) so far??
    If so what was the delivery timeline

  44. Inez

    I got all the things I ordered in Europe, Austria. It took a while,about 20 days as the products came from China.
    But everything was nice and the way I ordered it. Inez

  45. Allison

    I just received a bracelet and charms that I picked out for review purposes. Perhaps they were motivated to get them to me because they arrived in less than a week. And I was nicely surprised at how wonderful the quality is. I’ll be ordering some more charms on my own. (Probably those will take more than a week to arrive ;)

  46. Janet Low

    Hi Mimi, thanks for your review of Soufeel. I have a question would like to check with you, how is the actual size compare to Pandora? I saw a lipstick charm of my friend by SouFeel and it is extremely small. This make me paused from purchase it. I’m worry that all the charms look as small as my friend’s lipstick charm.

    Hope to hear from you.

    Thanks & regards,

  47. Letitia

    Just done my order yesterday and everything was goes smoothly so far including selections, payment and I got 3 free gifts! However still couldn’t give 10/10 marks until the items arrive. Just one question here is that can Soufeel stopper fit to Pandora Bracelet? Has anyone here tried this combination before? Planning to buy stoppers from Soufeel to fit in my Pandora bracelet as Pandora ones are really a bit too high cost!

  48. Mimi

    Hi Janet! I’m not sure re: other charms but for the ones that I purchased, they look very similar to the original Pandora ones. I gotta warn you though — those Soufeel charms with gold highlights, the gold plating doesn’t last long.

  49. Sue

    I priced l charms I would want for a complete Pandora, $1,200. Then I found Soufeel and discovered many of their charms were nearly identical, but at a fraction of the cost. I just ordered 12 charms, plus received 1 free and a free spacer, and free shipping. Total cost was $219. Some are different than my original picks. Some are nicer. And with a $1,000 savings I can have a complete bracelet right away.

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