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Quick Tip On Changing Money At Jakarta Airport (Terminal 2)

Posted by on 30 July 2012

Whenever I go to Jakarta, I find it better to buy Rupiah over there as opposed to exchanging money at KLIA.

Most flights arrive at Terminal 2 in Jakarta’s Cengkareng Airport (except AirAsia which is in Terminal 3, which is not covered in this post). Right after exiting Terminal 2, you will immediately find a row of money changers right in front of the door.

So which money charger should you go for? Here’s a quick tip. Walk around a bit, asking for Ringgit to Rupiah exchange rate…but don’t change any money just yet. Here’s the secret: these tricky money changers can actually offer  you a much better rate than the official exchange rate that they display on their counters. They will beckon you to come closer, then show you a better rate on a calculator or on a separate cardboard display. Once you find the best rate, only then should you exchange your money.

Mind you, those money chargers at Terminal 2 do not charge any extra service or handling charge. Of course, it’s common sense to count your money before walking away from the counter.

3 Responses to Quick Tip On Changing Money At Jakarta Airport (Terminal 2)

  1. ily

    is it better to change it there or in malaysia? i usually change half here n spare the other half for emergency hehe :D

  2. kommii

    please tell me, what is the rate of exchange when we change USD to IDR at Jakarta airport….

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