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Baby Language – 5 Words That Babies Use

Posted by on 8 January 2012

I found this link through a friend in FaceBook and was just blown away. I’ve always thought the twins made up their own word ‘meh’ for milk; apparently, they were saying the universal word ‘neh’ in babies’ language.

The 5 ‘words’ that babies 0-3 months old use:

neh = hungry
owh = sleepy/tired
heh = discomfort
eair = lower gas
eh = burp

Watch and be amazed!

3 Responses to Baby Language – 5 Words That Babies Use

  1. sheng

    I wonder how they make people feel their pain, amazing.

  2. bev

    my baby made up “na” for food. by the way the video is in private I can’t open it.

  3. Mimi

    sheng: i find it very revolutionary! i wish i’ve known of this sooner.

    bev: okay, i’ve changed the link now. thanks for the feedback.

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