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Full Moon Drama

Posted by on 23 February 2011

I did a bit of tinkering with Photoshop today and spliced two photos together — one of a dramatic morning sky with the moon overexposed…and one of the full moon with the rest of the sky underexposed. I cut out the moon, pasted it over the dramatic sky, made slight adjustments to the brightness of the full moon and voila! A dramatic morning sky with an equally dramatic full moon!

Click on the image above to see a slightly bigger version for a better feel of the drama ;)

I’m counting down the days until the weekend. How about you?

Lonely in Jakarta,

7 Responses to Full Moon Drama

  1. Jessi

    That is lovely!! And so impressive.

  2. Batricia

    You’re so talented!!!!

  3. sheng

    I love full moons, not to mention of the legendary stories that come along with full moons. Hayyyy, pinoy, meron din ba yan sa KL?

  4. Lay Kean

    Hi, I read abt yr journey to getting yr Entry Permit in M’sia. I was unable to reach you via an e-mail add, thus resorted to posting my query directly on yr latest post. My 1000 apologies for intruding. My story is this. My 8 yr old son just got his PR application accepted after 8 yrs of submission. I am contemplating whether to take it up since I have to submit a few more items to Putrajaya. My family lives in S’pore and I’m a M’sian mom. Can u pls email me as I have many questions whether there are any terms or requirements attached to an Entry Permit? Whether the child will need to do national service later on, and if he will be required to stay a minimum no. of days in M’sia after his Entry Permit is issued. Will he need to constantly renew his PR. I’m a Singaporean PR myself, and every 5 yrs I have to produce money and docs to renew on S’porean PR Entry Permit. I wonder if M’sian authorities require such terms too. Tks. YOu can reach me at . Thank you in advance.

  5. Lay Kean

    OMG… I just read on that a Permit Masuk doesn’t equate to a PR?? It says the applicant for Permit Masuk has to stay another 5 continous yrs in M’sia before applying for PR. May I know how come yr friend got her red IC only after 2 yr?

  6. Mimi

    Lay Kean: Unfortunately, I’m also unclear on the entire process. Immigration Malaysia has always given me info on a need-to-know basis. All I know for now is that the new ruling allows me to have my (red) IC ready in 4 months’ time as a Filipino passport-holder vs 1 year for Indonesian passport-holder.

  7. Mimi

    Sheng: Malay stories re: full moon? Not that I know of. But they do have their version of tikbalang and tiyanak here.

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