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KLCC Park’s Jogging Track

Posted by on 24 January 2011

One thing I love about Kuala Lumpur — which I can’t seem to stop talking about — is the abundance of green spots all over the city. Of all these green spots, KLCC Park remains my favourite partly because of its location (right smack in the middle of the city centre!), mostly because of its jogging track which is made of rubber chips that absorb the impact of your walk/run/jog. Plus there’s the small matter of having it right under the shadow of the world’s most famous twin towers ;)

The jogging track is 1.3 kilometres long and is marked every 100 metres. You might want to take note of the location of the two public toilets in the park, which I’ve marked in the map below. (Click to see a slightly bigger view.)

As you can see from the map, there is a huge children’s playground in KLCC Park, as well as a children’s wading pool. Both facilities are open to the public free-of-charge. The wading pool opens at 10 am and can get quite crowded.

This is one of the numerous water fountains that can be found in several points beside the jogging track.

There are trees all around to provide shade. And if going round and round the jogging track starts to get a little too boring, you can always jog up and down the hilly portion of the park within the jogging track’s perimeter.

Notice the lady jogging with a scarf on? Expect to see all sorts of people at KLCC Park — from expats in short shorts and fluorescent spandex; to Indian ladies in kurta, salwar khameez and sport shoes; to old men with canes; to couples with babies in strollers and/or children in tow; to seasoned runners whom you can identify from their steady, unbroken pace around the track and their well-defined calf muscles.

If you are a shutterbug, watch out for Photo Spots such as this one, which shows a great spot for taking photos.

The results will vary, depending on your camera but, more or less, the Photo Spots are quite spot-on with the angle and location.

If you’re anything like me, who gets excited over stuff like the Petronas Twin Towers’ reflection in Symphony Lake, it’s so easy to get side-tracked as you run/jog/walk — there are just too many photo opportunities along the way!

This is the bridge right next to Photo Spot 2, where lots of runners (and the occasional early-riser tourist) stop to have their photos taken. Can you spot KL Tower in the picture?

Mandarin Oriental KL Hotel then comes into view right after you pass by Petronas Twin Towers.

KL Tower becomes more visible as you round the corner and approach the KL Convention Centre. It does look a bit weird because the KL Tower looks dwarfed by other buildings from this angle.

As you turn the corner and jog past KL Convention Centre — where AquaRia is located — you can see Traders Hotel right behind it.

KLCC Park is open daily, from 7am to 10pm. I suggest you go early so as to beat the crowd and, if you are a puteri lilin like me, to avoid the heat. [NB: 'Puteri lilin' is the Malay term for someone who dislikes the heat of the sun. Literal translation: 'candle princess'!]

Parking fees are RM2.50 for the first hour, RM1.00 for the subsequent hour. Payment is by cash only. Alternatively, you can take the LRT and get off at KLCC station.

See you soon as KLCC Park’s jogging track!

*All pics taken with my HTC Desire’s camera.

28 Responses to KLCC Park’s Jogging Track

  1. sheng

    Beautiful photos! I have wanted to do some brisk walking last Sunday, but failed to do because of the rain. It’s been raining intermittently here since the start of the month.

  2. Mimi

    Sheng: A jog along Gumasa beach would be lovely too!!

  3. Batricia

    Mimi, that refection is so lovely!!!!!

  4. Batricia

    Ops, Mimi, it should spell REFLECTION!!!!!

  5. Batricia

    Your photos are beautiful. It’s not the camera but the photographer!!!

  6. Batricia

    One day I’ll just go there and take photos to perfect mine:-( :-(…

  7. ramizah

    Mi, I want you to take a photo of me.. see whether i have what it takes to be the next Malaysia’s top model! ;-)hehehe ( just kidding..)



  9. Shehryar Khan

    I am coming to Malaysia in 2 weeks and it seems I just found my ideal jogging track. Beautiful!

  10. Jogger

    Hi, is it safe to jog there? Are there burglars who rob you or do you have to worry about someone to rob you why you jog there?

  11. Mimi

    KLCC Park’s jogging track is very safe. I suppose safety and security are among the reasons why it’s closed after 10 pm.

  12. Jeffrey & Connie

    Beautiful photos of KLCC Park. My wife and me are very serious about staying healthy and fit and having fun at the same time. We would love to meet others that are interested in the same. We set-up and fitness and workout group at KLCC Park that meets twice per week. The workout includes stretching, jogging, boot camp and cool down. The workout is suitable for all levels and it’s free. If anyone is interested in exercising together with us at KLCC Park, then feel free to go to our website and be sure to click on the the “Join Us” button. Our website is:

    Jeffrey & Connie

  13. Steve

    Great park–just jogged there today first time and it’s fantastic. One of the best jogging parks in the world as far as I’m concerned. I usually prefer jogging by the sea, but this non-sea course still gets top ratings. And great security at every corner, friendly people, and all with the outstanding kindness of the Malaysian people. You cannot miss jogging here!

  14. andres

    Thanks for the info.
    29 november I will run there, is there a place where I can take a shower?

    Andres de Witte
    The Netherlands.

  15. Mimi

    Hi Andres. There’s a a public toilet near the playground/wading pool area but I’m not sure if there are showers in there.

  16. Mimi

    Steve: Lucky you to get to jog by the sea!

  17. Emyr

    Hi, I’m just wondering is there any locker nearby jogging track? Maybe some spot to ‘safely’ put your belongings?


  18. Mimi

    Never noticed any. Sorry. I always go with just a small bag/pouch for my phone, driver’s licence, and a small amount of cash.

  19. Iza

    Your photos made me change my mind about going for a jogging in the hotel gym. Thanks for sharing!

  20. Mimi

    Hey Iza. So how did you jog go? :)

  21. faiz

    is the public toilet provides shower? like for those who runs before off to work?

  22. irishcolleen

    Salam, Mimi
    i’ve been visiting kuala lumpur several times, and i planned to do jogging on my next visit which is next week. It’s great to find your article, and will definitely go there early morning. I, too, want to do it in Spore, maybe in merlion park.

  23. Mimi

    Hope you enjoyed your jog :)

  24. Cher

    Thanks for your post Mimi! I’m in KL for business and is hoping to go for a run before I leave, took a stroll yesterday afternoon the park is lovely, just wanted more information on the opening hours and safety! This post has been very informative :)

  25. Ade Suryani

    Hi Mimi, I am planning to go to KLCC Park for morning run at 6. But based on your information, the jogging track can be used after 7 am? Thanks before

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