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HTC Desire vs iPhone 3Gs

Posted by on 17 June 2010

My 20th-June deadline is looming and the past few days have been hectic like nobody’s business. So in lieu of a long, wordy review, here’s a quick mano-a-mano comparison on the key features of HTC Desire vis-a-vis those of the iPhone 3Gs:-



HTC Desire


iPhone 3Gs

Touchscreen Yes Yes
Camera Yes, 5-megapixel Yes, 3-megapixel
Ability to shoot videos? Yes Yes
Built-in video editing software No Yes
Built-in sharing from Photos app
Yes, to Flickr, Facebook or Twitter No
Live wallpapers Yes No
GMail integration Yes, built-in program Yes, can easily be set-up in Mail
Native sync Windows; needs 3rd party app to sync to Mac Mac but can sync with Windows via iTunes
Auto text prediction Yes, very intuitive no matter what language you use Yes, but sorely lacking once you type in shortened forms or in different languages
Apps Yes, but limited. Yes, there’s an app for everything!
Free apps Yes, download & install using Market program. No need for registration. Yes, download & install thru iTunes/App Store. Must have Apple account (free registration).
Built-in music program Yes, but sucky Yes, still the industry benchmark
Speakerphone Yes, but tinny Yes, and sounds much better than the HTC Desire
Built-in Facebook app Yes No, but can download from App Store
Built-in Twitter client Yes, Peep. Can easily attach photo, links, or GPS location. No
Removable battery Yes No
External memory Yes, microSD No
Password Yes, pattern or text Yes, numerical PIN
Text Messaging Yes, chat format Yes, chat format
Built-in document viewer Yes, Quickoffice No, but can download from App Store
*Update 30-June-10* Bluetooth Yes, send/receive mp3s, photos & other files with ease GOOD LUCK! *sarcasm* Can’t even pair iPad with iPhone! :P
Operating System Android™ OS, v2.1 (Eclair) iOS 3.1.3 (build 7E18)
RAM 512 MB 256 MB
Processor 1 GB 600 Mhz
Retail price in Malaysia (phone only) RM2,199 From RM1,990 (8MB)

After an objective assessment of the features and after having used the HTC Desire for almost two weeks now, I can look you in the eye and tell you that I’d pick the HTC Desire over the iPhone 3Gs anytime. And not just because I got to play with it for free ;)

My next post about the HTC Desire: How Do I Love Thee? Let Me Count The Ways… Watch for it!

6 Responses to HTC Desire vs iPhone 3Gs

  1. avril

    I am falling in love with HTC Desire!!!

  2. AdamC

    Oh goodie….another copy and paste job. Nice work!

    You do know that specs mean nothing. It’s about the user experience, how the technologies are all integrated together. Spec sheets don’t tell you all that.

    People who buy phones based on spec sheets alone don’t actually use any of the features anyway.

  3. Mimi

    Avril: Yep, it’s a very nifty device, worthy of its monicker.

    Adam: This comparison is from personal experience. I didn’t have the time to write a proper (read: long) article so I put everything in table form.

  4. avril

    I would like to react on AdamC’s comment. You must prove that it’s a copy and paste job. This is a HORRIBLE accusation!!!! It’s unfair!

  5. avril

    To AdamC…Accusations should be proven without reasonable doubts. That’s the mark of a professional person!

  6. larry

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