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Posted by on 25 October 2009

sad eyes

I hereby resolve…
…to have more photos taken of me;
…to have more photos taken of me with my family;
…to have more photos taken of me with my friends.

I shall strive harder…
…to laugh with complete abandon;
…to revel in the moment;
…to smile genuinely at every camera lens turned towards my direction.

I will do my best…
…not to worry about how fat I look;
…not to give a damn about the composition of photos taken by other people (‘Ma, I’m so sorry. Can you ever forgive me??);
…and to try to remember that if I refuse to have my photo taken, one fine day, I will look at the hundreds of photos in my computer and be filled with deep longing and regret why I only have a handful of photos with me in them.

No longer will I use the excuse that I feel more comfortable behind the lens than in front of it so that, one day, my loved ones will have many, many, many photographs of me to remember me by.

So if you happen to be standing right next to me and I ask you to take a photo of me using my complicated-looking camera, please snap away before I lose my nerve. I, too, deserve many photographs with which to remember my memories.

6 Responses to Resolution

  1. Lola

    He..he..he..Ok. Forgiven..hehehe..

    I hope you keep to your resolutions!!!!

  2. mordsith

    nice resolution. yeah, i think you should have your own memories frozen in time.ako naman, takaw pa-picture. haha. :)

  3. a-moms-diary

    Haha!!! So you are camera-shy huh?

  4. Joana

    I agree!
    Camera enthusiasts like you should have terabytes of photographs taken of you or with your family and friends!
    Have fun as you allow others to capture your fleeting moments!
    Thank you for the inspiration, Mimi!

  5. steph

    i concur. =) our moments deserve to be frozen too.

  6. witsandnuts

    I agree. =) Guilty ako. I love taking photos but I don’t want to be photographed.

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