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Selamat Pengantin Baru, Isa & Fatin!

Posted by on 21 June 2009

I couldn’t make up my mind between the original coloured version…

newlyweds, Isa & Fatin

And the dreamier, edited black and white version…

newly weds, Isa & Fatin

So I’m posting them both.

Congratulations, Isa and Fatin! May God bless your marriage for always and always and always…

Sarung cincin (photo grabbed from Ibn Hasan’s blog – I was there as a guest and didn’t feel inclined to jostle my way through the crowd of mostly male photographers to get this shot):

sarung cincin

Special moment between mother and daughter during the akad nikah (marriage ceremony):

Fatin & her mum

Last solo shot of Fatin as a Cik (‘Miss’), minutes before becoming a Puan (‘Mrs.’). Photo taken inside the opulent bridal chambers.

moments before Cik Fatin becomes Puan Fatin

The lovely couple sitting on the pelamin — “sama cantik, sama padan; bagai pinang dibelah dua” (literally roughly translates to: “both good-looking, both matching; just like a betel nut split into two”, i.e. a Malay proverb that means ‘a perfect match’):

newlyweds on pelamin

5 Responses to Selamat Pengantin Baru, Isa & Fatin!

  1. witsandnuts

    I’m torn between the two photos, too. They’re both picture perfect. I finally tried having a henna tattoo (on hand) last weekend. =)

  2. odette

    love the mother-daughter pic, strikes a very sweet chord with me. ^-^
    you took gorgeous pictures. i love weddings too, so so so much!

  3. fortuitous faery

    both photos are just lovely! i love the intricate tattoos on her hand.

  4. Mimi

    witsandnuts: did you have them on your hand only? or did you have some on your nails as well? because the henna on your nails won’t come off. you’d have to grow out your nails!

    odette: i was very pleased with that shot, as well :)

    faery: yes, it’s a malay wedding custom for the bride to have henna on her hands. i wonder if you’ve seen this related post:

  5. Garando

    Oh wow! These photos are absolutely beautiful! I’ve always been fascinated by Malaysian and Indonesian weddings, they’re so simple and elegant. Congratulations to the couple

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