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Luggage Lockers At Amsterdam Central Station

Posted by on 24 February 2009

Most hotels in Amsterdam require you to check out by noon. Hence, if you have a considerable amount of luggage with you, this situation might pose a challenge to you if your outbound flight is in the evening and you intend to do some last-minute shopping or sightseeing in the afternoon.

One way of dealing with the situation is to leave your luggage with the hotel. But this may not be feasible if the hotel is not exactly reputable and/or if it’s located in an area that is not so accessible.

The luggage locker at Amsterdam Central Station just might provide the solution to your quandary. After all, all buses, trams and trains converge there. From Central Station, you can also easily take a train to Schiphol Airport.

At Central Station, just follow the signs to the lockers (or ask one of the policemen loitering around).

to lockers

Get your credit card ready because the machines don’t accept cash. Insert your card, select your preferred locker size, and how long you intend to keep your bags in the locker. The machine will then dispense a ticket.

Take the ticket and look for an empty locker, indicated by a green square beside it. Lockers with a red square are already occupied (see photo below, on the left).

Open the door, put in your bags and close the locker. The door will automatically be locked.

In case you’re wondering how big the ‘Large’ lockers are, they’re big enough to comfortably fit two bags, the type that can be carried onboard the aircraft without question (photo below, on the right).

available locker    inside the large lockers

Rates for the lockers are as below:-

  • 0 to 24 hours: €4.50 (Small), €7.00 (Large)
  • 25-72 hours: €6.50 per 24 hours (Small), €10.00 per 24 hours (Large)
  • After 72 hours: €8.50 per 24 hours (Small), €13 per 24 hours (Large)

Hold on to your ticket because if you lose it, you’ll have to pay €10. And if your luggage has to be removed (e.g. when you exceed the time for which you paid for), be prepared to shell out €70.

Most important of all: your ticket can be used to open the locker once and only once. If you’ve already closed the locker and need to open it because you forgot to take out, say, your passport, you’ll have to pay again.

Operating hours are from 7 am to 11 pm (0700 hrs to 2300 hrs).

A similar luggage locker system is also available at Schiphol Airport. Rates are about the same, but if I remember correctly, Schiphol has lockers that are large enough for much bigger bags.

37 Responses to Luggage Lockers At Amsterdam Central Station

  1. witsandnuts

    I hope the other countries would also have that. That became a little problem when we were in HK. It’s good that the hotel accommodated our things after the check out time to a safekeeping area, free of charge. Glad that there’s a a Filipina staff.

  2. sheng

    Galing naman nito, i would love this in Philippine Airports as well.

  3. BlogusVox

    That’s one very informative post, Mimi. Like Ms.Jo, I sure wish there are similar utilities like this in other airports like HK. Yun bang tipong one day pasyal in the city before boarding your flight. Without the inconvenience of tagging all your luggage along.

  4. Mimi

    witsandnuts: you’re lucky you had ‘connections’!

    sheng: yes, i’m sure tourists would really appreciate it.

    blogusvox: i wasn’t sure about it when we went there. i only found out thru the owner of the houseboat where we stayed in. it was such a relief coz it freed us from our baggage for one whole day!

  5. joy

    Hey, Mimi! When were you in Amsterdam? Next time you’re that close to Norwich (30 to 45 minutes away by plane), do swing by for some crumpets and English tea :)

    And yes, those lockers are pretty handy, especially when we have a 6-hour layover and would like to sink our teeth into those delish Belgian waffles in the city centre. :)

    Thanks for visiting A Pinay In England. Come back soon!

    Norwich Daily Photo
    Your Love Coach
    I, Woman

  6. caryn

    we have a lot of those in tokyo too. most of the larger stations are inundated with lockers of different sizes. i think the ones that have direct access to the airport have maleta-sized ones ;-) really conveninent no?

  7. Mimi

    joy: unfortunately, due to the curse of the philippine passport and bec of the UK’s insistence on not joining the Schengen states’ treaty, we’re required to apply for a separate visa to enter the UK and we didn’t have the time to do apply for both visas at that time.

    caryn: lahat yata andiyan sa japan eh. i so love that place bec everything’s so high tech :)

  8. francescainfrance

    We did that too, Mimi when we were in Amsterdam 2005.
    Very practical because we still have the afternoon to roam around, so we leave our luggages in Central Station.
    The Dutch got brains to attract more tourists esp backpackers.

  9. Mimi

    it’s also safer. everywhere in amsterdam, there were warning signs about pickpockets! i was really feeling paranoid all the time.

  10. odette

    no, we don’t have that here. fortunately though, we live some 15-20 minutes from the airport. ^-^ be prepared when you come here, the dublin airport is one big construction site, and transportation and infrastructures are far far from amsterdam. you’ll love the country feel though, you’ll never feel like you’re in one big city.

  11. Mimi

    ahh…i can’t wait to see ireland for myself one of these days ;) i can’t wait to see the fields and cliffs and seas… (why is my brain suddenly filled with images of ‘westlife’ music videos? hrmm)

  12. kg

    meron din nyan sa brussels train station! same mechanics. amazing ano?

    lockers in stations are really life-saving! no need to go around with your luggage. :)

  13. Inma

    We are arriving to Amsterdam this Sunday, July 26th, to start a cruise, but as we might arrive early, we have to leave our luggage in the luggage lockers. We are bringing two big suitcases: aprox. 50×80.
    Do you think we’ll need one or two lockers?
    Thanks for this great review with photos and explanations, it’s great for us.

  14. Mimi

    i’m glad u found this info useful.

    u might want to chk out the luggage lockers at schiphol airport. sorry i’m not good at estimating sizes but the luggage that you can normally hand-carry into aircraft can fit into the small lockers. the bigger ones into the big lockers.

    enjoy yr trip to amsterdam but watch out for pickpockets!

  15. DjZoNe

    Thanks for this useful information ;)
    I’ll go to Amsterdam tomorrow morning, I’m curious about how the locker prices changed since then.

  16. Mimi

    DjZoNe: Good point! Pls let me know what the rates are now. Dank u!

  17. Pam McCarthy

    Mimi thank u so much 4 the detailed information, i didnt expect 2 find it posted by someone living in K.L. I was there a few years ago…loved the twin towers so much. :-) xx

  18. Mimi

    Pam: Now that you mentioned it, it does sound quite odd, doesn’t it? *grin*

  19. PH

    great info, just what i was looking for.

    Just to be clear thou. Im going to stay in a-dam for just one night. Getting there on thursday morning and my flight from a-dam is friday midday. Is it possible to leave your luggage for more then 24hours straight?
    I got insecure since their opening hours is between 7am-11pm. Is that just for putting in new luggage or do you have to claim your luggage before 11pm??

    Would really appreciate a fast answer, thanks once again.

    Greetings from Sweden

  20. Mimi

    Hi PH. So sorry I wasn’t able to answer your query quickly as I’ve been traveling, got sick, traveled again. Yes, it is possible to leave your luggage for more than 24 hours straight. Hope things worked out fine for you. Cheers!

  21. martima

    Mimi great information I need to use left luggage lockers in Feb and your direction with photos is very helpful Tks

  22. Mimi

    Martima: Glad it was of help to you…and even gladder they didn’t change the location!

  23. laura

    Thanks for the information, there’s just one thing isn0t clear enough to me.I’m using a debit mastercard card with my 4 number PIN.Do you remember if this one was another chance to pay?


  24. Mimi

    I think debit card should be ok. The machine was quite simple — just swipe and go. No need for PIN number even. Unless they’ve upgraded/changed the equipment recently…

  25. Richard McIntosh

    Thanks for the detailed information about storage lockers in Amsterdam Central Station. You have made our planning easier.

    Best regards,
    Dick and Marianne
    Vancouver, Canada

  26. Mimi

    Dick & Marianne: Glad to be of help. In case of any changes in the rates/location of the lockers, I’d really appreciate if you can leave a short comment here so that I can update this post and other travelers can benefit in the future. Thanks again and bon voyage!

  27. Dennis

    Dear Mimi: Your detailed description of the locker system at Amsterdam Central was great. I have used the lockers at Schipol several times but have forgotten exactly how the ticket system works. Is it a barcode or a number that opens the locker? My wife is in KL and will be passing through Schipol a few days before me (coming from East Africa) on the way to Canada. I forgot my winter jacket in KL. I’d like her to leave it in a locker at Schipol and email me a scanned copy of the ticket so i can collect it. Do you think that would work?

  28. Mimi

    Dennis: It was a bar code system back then. I dunno if there’s been some changes lately. Whether it will work or not would depend, I suppose, on how good the resolution of the scanning and printing is. Good luck and lemme know how it works out!

  29. Ron

    What are the demensions of the large locker shown in the photo?

  30. Pedro

    Thanks a lot for the hint on the locker. Much appreciated. Saved our day in Amsterdam. Cheers.

  31. Mimi

    Glad the info is still relevant, Pedro. Hope you enjoyed Amsterdam :)

  32. sebastian

    Hey, thanks for the info on these lockers, just what i was looking for.

    I noticed some people are asking for dimensions of the lockers – if you go to this page on the official Netherlands trainstation website it gives you them – just click on “Luggage” on the left:

  33. Martin

    This is what I was looking for, thanks!

  34. Mik

    Hi all,

    There is a new luggage storage in Amsterdam called DropandGo! It’s more easy and less expensive than Central Station. They got very friendly staff and you can get to your luggage without paying again. They also have laptoplockers where you can charge your electronic devices. It’s 5 min walk from central station. Take a look at their website

    Maybe this will help you out the next time you visit Amsterdam.

  35. Mimi

    Thanks for the tip, Mik.

    If anyone has tried it, we’re all curious to hear about their services.

  36. Maria

    Hi Mimi and Mik!
    Thank you very much for useful information!
    I am going to use next month

  37. Jorn


    At central station, you can not access the area with the lockers anymore if you do not have a train ticket. If you don’t have a train ticket, just go to Lockerpoint at the Damrak (number 247). It is a very short walk from the central station (I guess 3 to 4 minutes) and they have very large lockers. I just checked their website and apparently you can already reserve a locker before you arrive, see the website

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