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A New Obsession

Posted by on 3 September 2008

The twins have a new obsession — Little Einsteins. Day and night, they’d ask for it. And failure to get their daily dose of Little Einsteins often lead to crying bouts and temper tantrums.

For those who don’t have kids and have no idea who or what I’m talking about, Little Einsteins is an animated television series on Playhouse Disney. It features four kids — Leo, June, Quincy, and Annie — who go on a different adventure or ‘mission’ during each episode, together with their intelligent and transformable space/air/water-craft, “Rocket”.

Little Einsteins

What makes the show different is the use of snippets of classical music from the likes of Ludwig Van Beethoven and Edvard Grieg, but using lyrics like “My silly sock has pizza, bananas and a little fish” to the tune of one of Schubert’s symphonies. Silly, true, but they make the song stick to your head like super glue!

The show also often manages to include art works as backdrops or key elements in the story, mostly paintings from the Masters, such as Van Gogh’s ‘Almond Blossom‘ and Leonardo Da Vinci’s ‘Mona Lisa‘.

And in the tradition of Blue’s Clues and Dora The Explorer, the show encourages interaction from its viewers — stuff like asking the kids to pat their laps to make Rocket start moving or wave their hands in the air to make Rocket go “super fast” (imagine the twins saying “Super fast!” with an American twang!).

This is one obsession that I don’t mind indulging because it educates and stimulates while it entertains and keeps the temper tantrums at bay.

4 Responses to A New Obsession

  1. Avril

    Thank you for recommending this animated television series.

  2. Josiet

    My baby also loves this show!

  3. Mimi

    i wonder if they’ve got vcd’s for little einsteins. i’ve yet to check the shops.

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