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The Twins’ 1st (Proper) Haircut

Posted by on 15 May 2008

twins at barber shopHere are some photos of the twins when they had their first proper haircut at the
barbershop last April. By proper, I mean, without me having to restrain them or sit with them. Unfortunately, they were taken with a camera phone, so please forgive me for the poor quality of the pics.

I must confess I first brought them to the barber’s when they were just a little over a year old. They were so scared of the barbers that they kicked and screamed even though I sat on the barber’s chair with one twin on my lap at a time. As I didn’t want any trauma associated with the barber, I decided to postpone any further trips to the barber shop until they are a bit bigger. And that’s how I ended up giving the twins haircuts at home myself (because I’m the only one they’d allow to go anywhere near their hair), using one of those electric systems with interchangeable “combs”. So if the twins’ hairstyles have not been very proper in their photos before April 2008, you know who to blame :P

Twin1 Before Twin1 After Twin2 Before Twin2 After

twin2 having his hair cut

twin1 hinapay

twin1 haircut

twin2 sports spiky hair
Even though he didn’t cry, Twin1 was not that keen at first… But he was very pleased with his haircut afterwards!
Twin2 enjoyed the entire experience, smiling the whole time… Especially when the barber used gel on his hair!

3 Responses to The Twins’ 1st (Proper) Haircut

  1. avril

    They are handsome!!!And they are not camera-shy!

    No words can describe the joy a mother feels watching her children’s growth and development.

  2. odette

    they are so cute, twin 2 clearly loves the new hair fad!
    and doubly fun! :)

  3. Mimi

    they even admire themselves in front of the mirror, saying stuff like “adik comel!” (little brother is cute) or “abang handsome!” (big brother is handsome) ;)

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